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About Us


    Our company is the LACONIC ENTERPRISE subordinate subsidiary company, specializes in manu-facturing a variety of balls for the use of sports,present and promotion.we can produce over 2,000,000 pieces of balls of various kinds every year.
    We have a long history in ball industry with a integrity quality control and production management system.With the ISO requirements,the quality of our products fully conforms with the international standard.
    Engaged in the development of sports business,we are oriented with speciality,honesty,law-abiding and serve for all kinds of customers.With a flexible operating mechanism,we could supply various style of balls which always follow the international popular trend.Besides,we could meet your special requirments even OEM.
    If you would like to know more information about us,please look into our own website

Basic Information

  • Product Service:

    soccer ball ,volleyball,basketball,handball,rugby ball,american football。。。。。。

Contact Us

  • Contact Person:

    jim chen
  • Tel:

    86-25-5836 2116
  • 5705 4628(Nanjing office)/86-513-8269 8500(Haimen factory)
  • Fax:

    86-25-5836 2196(Nanjing office),86-513-8287 2111(Haimen factory)
  • E-mail:

  • jimchenhong@126.com